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How To Become An Expert Hobbyist To The Envy Of Family And Friends?

Are you always on the lookout for new ideas, techniques, products and hobbies?

here is your chance to join 
the Creativity Corner Club

Each month you will receive a link to access your monthly membership download, which consists of a variety of digital products which you can use for your own hobby projects.

Plus: lots of tips and suggestions for using your collection of photographs in alternative ways! Such as for example:

  • Personalized calendars (which are a huge success as giftidea)
  • Cards for every occasion
  • Decorated envelope-layouts
  • Notes for various purposes
  • Labelsheets
  • Frames for enhancing photos and more!

It beats having those photos collecting (digital) dust, big time! Plus your digital photos can be used over and over again, with different layouts and for various uses.

And ofcourse you're more than welcome to share your own ideas, tips and comments.
Your suggestions or ideas may be the missing link that someone is looking for, and will therefore be of great value to us all! 

Your monthly downloads consist of the following digital products:

  • Borders which can be used as paper for your personal correspondence, but also for other projects!
  • Background Sheets which only have a background that you can work with by adding embelishments and other decorations.
  • Composite Sheetsthat have frames for your photos included. They can be used for digital and other hobby projects!
  • Birthday calendars which can be used or given as gift throughout the year.
  • Cards for every ocassion such as Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Poetry Cards, Scenery Cards, and so on! 
  • Picture Frames; a great selection of digital picture frames for you to choose from. You can put your personal pictures in the frames of your choice.
  • Blanc Gift Cards; for all kinds of occasions, which range from a "Babysit Gift Card" to a "Dinner Out Gift Card." These coupons do not have a monetary value; we provide only the cards, which you can use for your giftgiving.
  • Labels for your scrapbook projects, as gift labels, as address labels, and much more. We have labels for birthdays, Christmas, seasons, general and so on.
  • Notes; little pieces of paper to scribble a few notes on, when a letter is too long and and a card not enough! Or use them as textcards and paste them in your scrapbook or photo-album to explain who or what the photograph displays.
  • Ebooks for your hobby are always helpfull! We have a selection of ebooks for making crafts, plus our own Scrap(e)books for every month and every holiday.
  • Placemats come as digital layouts in A3-size, which only need to be printed and then can be used for the dinnertable at parties or whatever use you come up with/
  • Decorated envelopes instead of the regular ones available in stores. Gives your letters a whole new look!
  • Letters, which can be used as writingpaper, or to accompany a gift for example, but also as background for an invitation to something or for announcing some event.

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