Crafts for Charity



Create Crafts And Gifts For Charity

Lots of people enjoy creating things as a hobby. Think about scrapbooking, cardmaking, photography, woodworking, and many more! 

There is but one problem; what do you do with all the ideas you have, and things you would like to create?

That got me thinking: Why not create crafts for charity, throughout the year?

When you join the Christmascorner, you will get weekly emails and PDF-downloads with ideas, downloads and tips for crafts,  greetingcards, decorations, toys, and whatever I can come up with!

You can then either sell all items and donate the money to a worthwhile, reputable charity. 

Or, alternatively, send all items that you have created throughout the year, to children in hospitals or orphanages, to brighten up their Christmas!

For only $7,00 per month, you will receive ideas for Christmas crafts, recipes, decorations, downloads and more, to inspire you to create Christmas gifts for yourself and/or charity!

Join today and together we can make this work for the good of all people!

Yes, I want to join the "Christmas Corner" to create gifts 
for myself and/or charity!

For ONLY $7,00 per Month 
PLUS the 1st month Free of Charge!

My subscription will automatically expire after 6 months,
or when I decide to cancel it!


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