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  Healthy Eating During Pregnancy  
Pregnancy is the time when a womanís body demands more nutrition then ever. As the development and growth of the fetus depends on what you eat, you have to be careful with your eating habits. If you and your baby are deprived of essential proteins and minerals, there can be fatal incidents in the future. For a pregnant woman, it is very important to stick to doctorís advice and follow the diet that well suits needs of a pregnant woman.

Do not fear weight gain, so do not eat less, but do not overeat either. You can always work out and shed the extra pounds later. Never skip meals, and eat after two-hourly intervals. Take in heavy breakfast that includes cereals, fruits, milk, and any other healthy food item. Eat in moderate but let there be more number of meals. Eat lots of green vegetables, small portion of chicken, fish, beans, cheese, peanut butter, dried fruits, juices, soups, skimmed milk, or other dairy products. Every food that you eat should be rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals but avoid foods that cause allergic reactions.

If you have been a junk food addict, avoid it completely as it can affect your baby. Eat what your body carves for. Being pregnant does not mean you overeat, but eat as much you feel like. However, make sure there is not much of gap in your meals and snacks, as your body will constantly need nutritionís for babyís growth. Be sensibly when you make a choice in food. Being irresponsible towards your diet can cause your baby problems, and an underdeveloped baby is always difficult to take care of.

When you are pregnant, do not give up exercise. Exercise does not mean you hit the gym and do your cardio or weights. Let there be some light exercises. Go on a walk or follow the exercise that your doctor has asked you to follow. Being stiff and not moving around much can cause you difficulty at the time of delivery and thus it is important to let your body do some physical activity. Always take a walk in fresh air so that you and your baby get fresh oxygen to breath.

Drink plenty of water and keep your body hydrated. Take liquids in the form of soups or fruit juices or protein shakes. Drink plenty of water, as it flushes out toxins from your body. It is good to enjoy every meal and do not eat anything that causes your baby discomfort. Certain foods can be a problem, so check with your doctor what to eat and what not to. Pregnancy is a very sensitive period, and you need to be cautious enough to make sure you and your baby stay in good health.

Pregnancy is the time when you eat for two and thus you need to be careful with your choice of food. Maintain a healthy diet throughout your pregnancy, and even after the delivery, to recover faster. Eating healthy will ensure good development of baby, which is important for further growth.