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Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America is a superhero often called upon to save the day. Kids and adults alike enjoy portraying this hero in costume. You can find several different styles of this costume.

One of these is a child costume in either dark or light blue. These costumes are a one piece jumpsuit made out of polyester. This costume has blue at the top as well as at the bottom.

In the middle of the costume, designed to look like it's layered, are red and white stripes. There is also a belt design that's part of the costume and is not a separate piece.

The mask is included that's actually part of a hat design that makes it easy to stay on a child's head without any annoying straps. You'll see many of these costumes showing a child holding a shield.

Be forewarned though, that the majority of these costumes do not include the shield, so read the fine print. You can purchase this separately along with the Captain America gloves and boot covers.

Another style of this costume is the muscle torso one. It has the same headpiece and it also doesn't have the shield. However, there is a star design in the center of the torso that does light up with LED lights. The batteries are included. There is a Captain America suit for adults that includes a muscle torso and headpiece.

Little girls love the Black Widow costume that's a take off of the character Natasha Romanoff played by Scarlett Johansson. This costume is a hand wash only black jumpsuit.

It comes with a belt that has a red design in the center. It also comes with a set of wrist cuffs. You can also find a Black Widow red hair wig if you want to complete an authentic look from head to toe.

For adults, there's a Nick Fury costume available. This is a jacket that looks like leather, but isn't. It has the emblem of the organization on the upper right sleeve of the jacket. The jacket has velcro straps like ones on the character's jacket in the movie. This costume also comes with a belt and the eye patch worn similar to Nick Fury's.

In this version, Captain America has a love interest in the character of Agent 13 played by Emily VanCamp. On the set, the agent wears crisp business suits. Her costume consists of a dark gray or black business suit with a blue striped shirt. The shirt has a wide, white collar that she wears open rather than buttoned up.

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