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Frozen quickly became one of Disney's most loved movies. The movie had great songs and great characters so it's not a wonder that children and adults alike want to dress as the stars from this movie.

One of the main characters in the movie is Elsa. The Elsa costume is a beautiful light blue dress that has white snowflakes on it. It's similar to the one Elsa wore when she sang the popular, Let It Go song.

It flows as the person who is wearing it moves about, giving it a very queenly type feel. Along with the dress, you'll get a tiara that your child can wear. You might want to accessorize by buying some sparkly shoes and blue tights to complete the look. There are also wigs available that are styled to look just like Elsa's hair.

The next main character in the movie is Elsa's sister, Anna. Like the Elsa dress, the Anna costume is also a beautiful dress. The blue is a darker hue than Elsa's dress and it comes with a cape that can be easily removed.

The cape is a great way to keep your daughter warm as she has fun on Halloween night without needing to add a bulky coat over her dress. Anna's costume doesn't come with a tiara like Elsa's does, but you can add a tiara to complete the look of the costume. If your child really wants one, there are wigs available for the character Anna, too.

After Elsa and Anna, one of the best-known and funny characters in Frozen was Olaf. This cheerful snowman was a faithful sidekick to Anna and showed kids the importance of friendship. The humor and friendship are the main reasons that kids loved this little character.

The Olaf costume is a white jumpsuit with a hood. All you need to do is slip on a long-sleeved white or brown t-shirt then put on the costume. You'll look just like Anna's adorable companion. For shoes, you can opt for white booties or just wear white slippers.

Once you've put together the Elsa or Anna costume, you can accessorize with Frozen-themed jewelry. Don't forget to include gloves. Elsa wore gloves throughout the beginning of the movie, even during most of her coronation ceremony. You can find Elsa's gloves in light blue or white satin. Both will look just as beautiful with the Elsa costume.

As for Anna, don't forget to wear a hat and earmuffs to get the look just right. Anna also wore boots and mittens during much of the movie so keep that in mind as you pick up these accessories.

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