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When it comes to dressing up for Halloween, picking a costume like Hercules is always a good choice. It's a masculine outfit that will make the wearer look both muscled and tough.

In order to keep the costume light and comfortable to wear, the Hercules costume uses brown leather to mimic the look of body armor. The leather has gold trimming and plenty of detail so everything looks authentic.

Underneath the leather armor of the costume, you'll find there's a white tunic. There's no leather armor for the back of the costume for your comfort. This lets you sit or stand-whatever you need to do in the costume and allows you to move easily.

Although you won't have the armor behind you, the costume does come with a red cape so the lack of back armor isn't noticeable except to you.

The cape is designed to sit around your shoulders and neck so that it falls over the back of the tunic. Like the armor that's attached to the front of the tunic, the cape is also attached to the rest of the costume.

This can make it easy to slip into without having to struggle to put on several different pieces of the costume. The Hercules outfit can be washed and ironed on a very low heat setting as needed if it wrinkles.

Along with the leather armor, tunic, and cape, the Hercules costume includes a few other accessories to complete the armor and make you look like a true ancient god. The first of these accessories is the forearm bands. These bands are made of brown leather with gold trim.

The second accessory is the bicep bands. The bicep bands match the forearm bands perfectly. They're easily fastened with velcro. With the costume, you also get a headband that's designed to be worn on your forehead. To complete the look, shin guards are also included. These guards are made of the same leather and stretch from your calf muscle down to your shins.

Even though you get all those pieces included with the costume, there are still a few accessories you might want to add to your outfit to give it that authentic warrior look. The most common additional accessory that people buy is a sword.

There are many different types of sword props available, so you can grab the one that appeals to you the most. If you plan on carrying your sword around all night, then choose a lightweight one.

Two other common accessories for the Hercules costume are open toe sandals and a Roman helmet with bright red feathers. With these three items, you'll look and feel like the toughest god around.

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