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Mad Men Costumes For Halloween

Set in the 1960s, the show Mad Men revolves around Donald Draper played by Jon Hamm. It's all about the world of ad advertising and the lives of the characters that interact within this company setting.

The clothing style in the '60s had a fairly broad range, but the business attire ranged from muted and safe to snug-fitting for the women. All in all, however, the clothing style depicted on the show is very classy. You can have that same look with the characters' Halloween costumes.

Starting with the Don Draper character, you'll find this is actually the easiest costume to find. . You'll need a suit that looks like it's high quality. Choose either black or charcoal gray since he favors the darker colors. You'll need a white dress shirt and a tie.

Though many businessmen during that period in time favored the wider ties, the ones worn by Don Draper are thinner. You'll also need a white handkerchief for the jacket pocket of the suit.

If you don't want to use a real cigarette to accessorize, you can find the candy ones. His hair is short and has a side part without a hair out of place. It's very polished looking so you may need to get some hair gel to get the same look.

For the women of the show, the costumes have a very distinct vintage look. The character of Peggy Olson wears a lot of muted colors. Her costume is a plaid dress with a Peter Pan collar. Her hairstyle is worn with the sides tucked behind the ears and she has short, above the eyebrow bangs. She's also known to wear a hat at times.

The Betty Francis costume is a lot more glamorous than Peggy's is. Betty's costume is a two piece skirt and shirt. The skirt length is just above the knee if you add a petticoat to make it stand out. It has a pink and yellow floral design.

The shirt is just a simple white one with fitted sleeves. The accessories for this costume are a pair of low heeled pumps in a pastel color, a two strand pearl necklace and large pearl earrings. Her makeup look is a very cool, elegant style.

For the costume of Joan Harris, the clothing is a lot more form fitting just like the character wears on the show. This costume is a bright red sheath. It's paired with high heels and since her character favors large brooches, you'll want to add that. You can find vintage costume jewelry at a pretty decent price.

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