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Minecraft is the popular video game that kids and adults both love to play. This world of building and exploring has created fans that want to emulate the look of the characters from the game for Halloween.

There are plenty of costume styles for you to choose from relating to each of the characters. What you'll find is not full head to toe costumes because the focus is on the heads, which are patterned after the characters. These heads have the same kind of blurred video look to them.

First up is the head for the Minecraft character of Steve. The head is made of cardboard and features the block hair in brown, the white block around the eyes and the block smile.

The head is a complete front and back Halloween mask. What most people do is to pair this mask with a Minecraft officially licensed t-shirt to complete the costume.

Creeper is also one of the Minecraft head masks that you can buy for your Halloween costume. This cardboard mask head features a mixture of the different colored green blocks.

Like the Steve head, this one also has that blurred video game character look to it. It has the dark blocks that turn down at the mouth to form a frown and it also has eyeholes.

Some people think that because these are cardboard masks that they can just make a replica themselves out of cardboard. But, there's a reason why these masks stay balanced and the homemade ones don't. Inside these masks, there's an insert for the wearer's head to fit into. This keeps the mask from moving around, unlike the ones you can make yourself.

Besides the Steve and Creeper head, you can also get the costume for Enderman. This is an all black cardboard game head. The only color that you'll see on it are the two white strips of blocks that form a line beneath the eye holes. Inside the head, you'll have the insert that's adjustable for a snug fit for child or adult.

You can buy these heads individually but they are also sold as a set. Besides the heads, some of the accessories from the game are also available. You can get the green Creeper scarf that features the Creeper face.

You can also find the Blue Diamond Sword as a separate accessory along with the pickaxe. Both of these are featured in the game. They're made of a soft foam that overlays a sturdy piece of plastic that supports these pieces.

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