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JOIN THE Halloween Hub

Believe it or not, but there are people who love absolutely anything and everything about Halloween, and have made a fulltime hobby out of it. To spark your enthusiasm even more, take a close look at the Halloween Hub:

The Halloween Hub is meant for creating things such as: Halloween greetingcards, costumes, decorations, crafts and whatever we can come up with. 

You can then either sell all items and donate the money to a worthwhile, reputable charity. Or, alternatively, send all items that you have created throughout the year, to children in hospitals or orphanages, to brighten up their  Halloween Holiday! Alternatively, you can ofcourse make things for your own Halloween!

For only $7,00 per month you will receive PDF's and emails with ideas for Halloween crafts, costumes, decorations, recipes, downloads, and more, to inspire you to create projects for yourself and/or charity! 

Let's Meet At The Halloween Hub! 

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For Only $7,00 per Month


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