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  Cook With Trans Fat Free Oil  

According to many of us, there is nothing better than a good fried food. However, think for a moment that all of the oil that the item is cooked in is now being placed directly into your blood stream and going to clog up your arteries. Not so appealing anymore now is it.

However, it may not be this drastic; this is exactly what is happening at a much slower rate. However, this can be slowed even more if you are eating products that are fried or you are doing the frying on your own. The best way to do this is through the use of oil that is trans fat free. This is because the trans fats that are in some oils are the ones that lead to the bad cholesterol in your system. There are two different types of cholesterol that your body contains. One of course is good for you and helps your body to function at a normal rate. The other type of oil that one can intake is what your doctor will tell you is bad cholesterol, which primarily comes from trans fat.

The primary source of trans fat is animal fat. This is why it is now recommended that when cooking the oil that is used should come from sources other than animals. This would mean the use of vegetable, corn and canola oil. However, not using things such as lard and animal fat to cook in is no longer considered to be a good idea.

When shopping for items to fry with, look for the labels that say trans fat free. This will not only allow you to eat a few more of the fried foods that you so desire, than to have to worry constantly if you are clogging up something. Choose the healthier option if you are going to enjoy a fried product and use it to your advantage so you can lead a healthier life without all of the guilt.

Use only what will help you to live healthy and to enjoy life. Switching to trans fat free oil does not mean a longer life, and is not a green light to go and gorge yourself on fried foods. Even if it is trans fat free, there are still other fats and those can lead to bigger waistlines. As with all eating, moderation is the key.

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