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  I Am Thinking Lunch  

Lunch is the one meal that will be the downfall of many when they are looking to have a healthy lifestyle. This is because in so many cases we are in such a hurry to get lunch and to get back to work that usually two things occur. Either we skip lunch, or we get some delicious meal from a drive thru window.

Lunch is not the most important meal of the day, that title belongs to breakfast, but it can be the most missed meal of the day. This is not a good thing at all. Since it is the bridge meal and the one that will get you through the day, it is integral to eat something that is of substance and will provide you with energy. Trying to find the right combination to make this enjoyable is the hardest part.

The best option to consider when looking to have an enjoyable lunch is to of course take it with you. The best options for many are a low sodium, low fat deli sandwich, a piece of fruit or yogurt, a granola bar and some type of juice or tea. Taking a salad or some small prepared meal is another option, but make sure it is a healthy item and not something that will only fill and will not simply just put food in your belly. Other variations on this list are acceptable, but something that will fill and help you to get to dinner is what is most important. Try to pack a salad and top it with a piece of chicken you grilled the night before. Use your time the night before to prepare a healthy lunch you can take with you.
If you must go and get a meal, look at the salad options for starter and try to stay away from fried foods as much as possible. Fried foods will sit in your stomach and will also contribute a lot of unnecessary fat into your diet. By adding this extra fat it will make your body have to work that much harder to be able to burn it off and to allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Even if you can only snack do your best to maintain some type of lunch in order to keep your body working right. Do not try to starve yourself, but make it through the day on small meals so you are not creating more problems for your body and making it function improperly with the metabolic cycle. Try to maintain a regular schedule as much as possible so you do not have to keep resetting your internal clock.

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