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  Better Cooking Through Poaching  

If frying is the way that you prepare most of your meals, you may want to switch to poaching. Poaching works in many ways and is an easy choose from most people since it requires just about the same amount of time. Plus, if you have recipes you think you are tired of, poaching them instead of cooking in the traditional method may give that recipe a new lease on life. Keep in mind, there are many ways to poach food. This is not a boring choice at all.

When poaching food, you are placing the food into a pan of simmering water and allowing the food to gently cook. This allows most of the nutrients to remain in the food but also allows flavor to get in. Best of all, water does not contain added calories or fat, like vegetable oil and cooking with butter does. You can enjoy a light textured food full of flavor without that heavy taste to it.

You can poach virtually any type of food that you would like. It is particularly good for eggs, fish and some types of pork and chicken. One of the best ways to get more flavor into your foods with poaching is to change out the liquid. Water works just find and is often the simplest of ways to prepare your meals. However, for a simple switch of the liquid, you can get much more flavor virtually instantly. For example, instead of simmering in water, poach the food with any type of vinegar you like (just add a small amount to the cooking water). You can also change out the water all together and add broth to the mix. Choose a low sodium variety so that you can control the salt. You can use juices, too.

You can also add just about any of your favorite spices and herbs to your poaching liquid. They will easily allow the flavor to get into the food. This is one of the best ways to add a lot of flavor without adding a lot of additional calories. Remember that with poaching, the food will retain its shape. It is also likely to hold just about all of its nutrients. That means that you do not need to add a breading to it or deep fry it in oil to enjoy this meal. Try out a few recipes for poaching and see just how easy it can be to add a completely new layer of cooking to your meals.

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