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  Reading Labels For Your Health  

One of the biggest things to consider is the actual ingredients that a product contains when looking to cook healthier. Just because the name sounds like something you would enjoy and it appears to be a healthy option to eat, that may not necessarily be the case.

Check the Values

As is required on all packaged foods, the nutritional information needs to be included on the packaging so you know what it is that you are eating and how good or bad it is for you. The most important items to pay attention to are the calories as well as the fat. Not only these items, but where they come from as well. It should list the fat as well as if it is from trans fat as well. This is the type of fat that leads to bad cholesterol, which will lead to blocked arteries. Also, the calories are something else to look at, track how many are being ingested as well as where they are from. There will be a total amount of calories listed as well as how many of the calories are fat based. Use this to aid in deciding if this is something that you should eat.

Portion Sizes

Remember that the nutritional values listed on the package are based on a portion size, however you need to be realistic. If you are only eating the actual designated portion then there will not be a problem. However, if you consume more than the suggested portion you will need to know how much more an account for the additional amounts of calories and fat so as to properly track for your own personal health. This will allow you to see where the extra weight is coming from possibly.


The labels on the packaging also do not take into account if something is added to the dish or if you altered the preparation method from what is recommended. This is something that will need to be included if you use whole milk instead of skim, or you add a slice of cheese to something. All of these things need to be considered and accounted for. In order to get on the right eating track, you need to realize everything that is going in to be able to know what the outcome will be. Calculate what is going to be going in before you realize it two pounds too late.

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