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  Be Careful With Red Meat  

As many of us know, we love red meat. In any form we can get it, it is a great way to have a great dinner. Steaks, burgers, roasts, as an add in, we love red meat. However, what we like the most, is not always what is the best option for us.

If you are going to be having red meat as the main course in your meal, you should consider what the options are and what the healthiest way to prepare it is. The first thing to look at is the fat percentage of the meat. Obviously, the leaner the meat is, the better the meat is for you. But you will also want to see how fresh the meat is as well. Look at the dates and when it was packed so as to get the best quality. When looking at roast and larger cuts, look at how much fat is on the meat and the color of the meat. The redder it is, the better it is.

When going to prepare red meat it is OK to marinade or rub it to enhance the flavor, but make sure that doing this will not make the meal unhealthy or will kill the point of trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Use methods to prepare the meal that will reduce the amount of fat that is on the meat and that you will consume. One of the best ways to do this is through grilling. Roasting is another option as long as it is done on a pan that has a false bottom to allow the fat to drain off. Broiling your meat to give it a seared and crispy taste is yet another way to enjoy your red meat.

One way you will want to eat your red meat more than anything else is well done. This is because when meat is prepared in this manner, it reduces the amount of fat that is in it dramatically. Granted this may not taste as good, and many will not want to have their meat in this manner, but sometimes you need to consider long-term ramifications here. Think of having a steak that is rare as a special treat. This way you will look forward to it more, and you will not feel the need to have it as often and in essence be harming and killing yourself slowly by ingesting the fats from the meat.

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