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  Cooking With Whole Wheat  

One thing that many people do not think about when they are cooking bread or pasta  is the option of using whole wheat products as opposed to the traditional white flour products. There is minimal to no difference in the taste, as well as texture and the health benefits are tremendous.

Consider The Carbs

One of the biggest differences in cooking with whole wheat is the amount of carbohydrates that one will intake. Carbohydrates are a good thing, if they are eaten at the right time. However, if they are eaten as a late dinner or in large quantities in the evening they will no longer be the great source of energy that they could have been. This is because they are not going to be used properly in the later stages of the day and your body will convert them to sugars and fats for use at a later time. This will make them harder to burn off and use.
By converting to pastas and breads that are whole wheat you will be able to not only improve your digestion of the food, but will eliminate quite a few of the carbohydrates as well. Remember that it is not good to eat these in the later stages of the day.

Not all breads and pastas need to be of this type, but it will be a great help. Another suggestion is to go to full grain and brown rice as opposed to the traditional white rice. Thus too will be a way to get rid of a lot of carbs in the diet and to be healthier all around.
The darker the food and grains in many cases, the healthier it is for you, as is with breads, pastas and rice. Also, consider how much of these items you will be consuming as well. Portion sizes play a huge factor. Look at what a serving size is, and follow it. The reason it says that is because, that should be all that you need in order to maintain a healthy and productive life.

Be sure to follow cooking instructions as well as recommended times when to consume these foods. As is usually the case, the later you eat, the harder it will be to burn the ingested calories. Human bodies become less active as the sun goes down and our activity decreases. This turns our bodies into storage containers for fat instead of calorie burning machines.

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