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Chocolate Recipes And Diet Restrictions

Delectable, smooth, sweet, calming… ahhhh, that's the goodness chocolate can bring. Be it a bar or a drink, chocolate can indeed make a person's day complete. From toddlers to grandmothers, chocolate is truly a treat to beat. It is not called "happy hormones" for nothing. However, there are people who have health conditions or dietary preferences that forbid them to enjoy chocolate. But there are chocolate-related recipes we may be unaware of that would be heaven sent for people with specific health conditions.

Making Chocolates Health-Sensitive

Most chocolate-related recipes make use of the typical and readily-available chocolate in stores, plain, sugar-loaded dairy products. Because of this, the market of the chocolate products is limited to people without restrictions in their diet. However, with today's relatively unhealthy population, the chocolate industry may be missing out a lot if they do not make their products health-sensitive.

Apparently, the marketing and product development geniuses of these chocolate companies are aware of this and they are not about to give up their share of health-friendly chocolate products in the market. The recent years have witnessed the birth of many health-conscious chocolate products or chocolate recipes which are not just limited to the usual sugar-free and diabetic-friendly ones, but also those which address other health concerns as well.

Allergies to Milk or Chocolates

Those who have allergic reactions to milk can now enjoy fresh cup of Milk-Free Hot Chocolate. Just make sure to purchase a chocolate mix that is dairy-free such as Vance's. This dairy-free mixture is a corn derivative. To add creaminess to your drink, you may add in vanilla extract or marshmallows.

If brownie bar is a dream which you can not reach because of its corn, dairy and wheat content or even gluten, then wake up from that dream now. You may now bake batch after batch of allergy-free brownies by substituting bananas, vegetable oil, potato and brown rice flour instead to the usual ingredients used in baking brownies.

Chocolates for Vegetarians

Vegetarians say they can not eat chocolate because it is a dairy food and it contains eggs. There are chocolates which are now commercially available that claims to be vegetarian friendly as they do not contain eggs and dairy food. These chocolates are diabetic friendly as well and are available in different flavors such as mint, spicy, pure dark, vanilla bean, citrus, chocolate coconut, pink peppercorn, chocolate crispies, chocolate toasted almond and pure dark organic.

Chocolates, A Natural Anti-Oxidant

Chocolate is naturally an anti-oxidant. However, if you combine it with green tea, then its anti-oxidant power has surely doubled up. This is especially helpful to fight today's body intoxicating agents found in the various foods we eat.

Green Chocolates

There are also chocolates which claim to be "green". They are not only health friendly but environment friendly as well. These are chocolates from organically grown cocoa beans. Synthetic fertilizers are not part of processing these types of chocolates. Preservatives are not added as well just so its shelf life can be extended.

Truly, chocolates have certain components which can lower blood pressure, cholesterol and can cause blood-thinning. It is so good that it gets even better with these healthy options which can be used in many other chocolate recipes. With the presence of these types of chocolates which are alternatives to the typical ones, chocolate is coming closer and closer to almost all people, even those who have special health conditions and dietary considerations. Now, why wouldn't you try concocting some chocolate-related recipes at home, right?

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