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Making The Best Chocolate Fondue Fountain

One essential apparatus for making Belgian chocolate fondue is called the chocolate fountain. Basically, a chocolate fountain stands 2 to 4 feet high with multiple tiers. It is made of stainless steel and has a built-in motor at the bottom. The motor is used to heat the prepared morsels of chocolates on the heating trays. The central corkscrew will push the molten chocolate vertically upward through the fountain's column. When it reaches the fountain's top, the chocolate will flow like waterfalls. The chocolates will fill in the cascading tiers until the bottom tier is filled. Then the same procedure is repeated over and over again. Melting the chocolate can also be done using a double boiler or a microwave. Put the fountain in a sturdy base, near a power socket. Make sure that it can carry up to 40 kilograms of chocolates.

A chocolate fountain is available both in commercial and home versions. It can be utilized for different types of occasions including film premiers, product launches, parties, and bar mitzvahs. It is perfect for around twenty five people.

There are also chocolate fountains for rent. You can find it in party supply shops and catering companies. They can provide you with an attendant to ensure that the chocolate fountain is working properly, it cascades the chocolates smoothly, and no fountain abuse for excited children. This apparatus is rented at an hourly basis and include charges on the services provided by the attendants and the cost of chocolates used. Chocolate fountains operate for a maximum of two hours or less during the party and starts to function when desserts and appetizers are served.

Tidbits including cheesecakes, fruit pieces, and marshmallows are placed around the chocolate fountain for added excitements. Skewered these using toothpicks and dip it in the chocolate fountain. However, never put anything that can be easily crumbled when dipped in the chocolate fountain. Never install chocolate fountains outdoors because the chocolate aroma can attract insects and the flow may be distracted by the breeze.

Remember that chocolates contain higher amounts of cocoa butter, like couverteur chocolates which is perfect for making chocolate fondue. Make sure that you are using either the dark or milk chocolates. Chocolates that have low contents of cocoa butter can be substituted with vegetable oils. But expect that the taste and smoothness of the chocolates are affected. These Belgian chocolates are prepared from dried cocoa seeds. These seeds are first roasted and then crushed to become powder. After that, cocoa butter is made though a squeezing process. Cocoa butter and powder are combined adding milk powder and sugar. The proportions of each element determine the color of the chocolates. Black chocolates contain 70 percent of cocoa, milk chocolates contain more milk powders, and white chocolates are made from sugar, milk, and cocoa butter without cocoa.

The Belgian chocolate fondue fountain is a very innovative product which elegantly enhances wedding receptions, special events, and buffet. It is because it offers an exciting dimension new in making chocolate fondues. Your guests can be drawn into amazement especially when dipping strawberries as well as other appetizing desserts in the flowing waterfalls of chocolate. Hotels, restaurants, event planners, and catering companies can offer unlimited varieties of food services which can attract more clients. Purchase a chocolate fountain and make your own version of a Belgian chocolate fondue fountain.

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