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5 Chocolate Festivals Worth Seeing

Practically every month, millions of chocolate lovers flock to major cities and small towns all over the world that celebrate special chocolate festivals. This is a true testament to people's undying love for these decadent pieces of pleasure. The chocolates that we love have been born many, many years ago. The festivals feature specialty chocolates and in these festivals gather hundreds of well known chocolate makers to showcase how they concoct their best chocolate recipes in front of millions of chocoholics.

It is a one day fun-filled festival where there are lots of games, shows by famous artists, cooking demos, historical exhibits, chocolate eating contests, and other activities apart from the opportunity to taste some of the best chocolates ever.

Here are five great chocolate festivals that you have to see in your lifetime.

1. Ghirardelli Square Chocolate Festival

This event which happens every fall is home to Domingo Ghirardelli and the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company that was incorporated back in 1952. It is still celebrated in San Francisco where the company was born, held every year in the ever famous Ghirardelli Square. Activities include exhibitions, car shows, talent shows, cooking demonstrations, cooking contests, etc. It's free to join the festivities but they charge minimal fees on those chocolate lovers who just cannot resist chocolate tasting. Proceeds of this event will go to charity.

2. Salon Du Chocolat Festival

Visited by tourists and natives alike, Salon Du Chocolat is still celebrated annually in Versailles, France. Open to local and international chocolatiers, the festival is not at all about chocolate tasting. It is more of geared towards holding various events like symposia, talent shows, cooking demonstrations and more. This year it will open on October 14 until the18th.

3. Eurochocolate

Celebrated in Perugia, Italy, this annual event is where hundreds of European chocolatiers meet. Known as one of the most important chocolate festivals in the world, it gathers leaders of the chocolate industry to talk about reforms on running manufacturing companies. Of course, there are hundreds of chocolates available for tasting, partnered with wine, cheese and other meals that are surprisingly so chocolaty.
For ten days, visitors will enjoy an array of activities that they might want to enjoy such as cooking demonstrations, expositions, laboratories, cooking classes, banquets and many more!

4. Cioccolato of Turin

Turin– the largest producer of chocolates in all of Italy, is home to Cioccolato, an annual festival featuring Italian chocolatiers. This event is very popular to about 700,000 visitors that are said to consume approximately 66,000 pounds of chocolates. The festivities which last 10 days feature chocolate and wine tasting, tea parties, cooking demonstrations, games and many others. Said to be the birthplace of the chocolate bar, Turin hosts tourists from all over the world who are very eager to sample these precious delicacies. Chocolate lovers get to watch extravagant productions staged by chocolate manufacturers and listen to lectures about chocolates' delightful stories as well as their history.

5. Chocolate Lovers Festival in Virgina

Old Town Fairfax is home to Chocolate Lovers' Festivals, a two-day event that surrounds supporters with vast choices of delicious chocolate in many forms. There are bake sales, cooking demos, lectures, craft shows, cooking contests, chocolate eating contests, storytelling, theatrical shows and many more.

These are just five of the so many famous and well-celebrated festivals all over the world. There are many others that feature thousands of famous and local chocolatiers. That is why whenever you travel, ask whether the place you are visiting might have their own festivals to celebrate and you might just get lucky! It's not everyday that chocolate lovers get to feast their eyes and hearts out on one thing they most love, the chocolates! So, if you are a true chocolate lover, and couldn't stop eating these fancy treats, pack up your bags and join the festivities celebrating the greatest indulgence the world has even known!

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