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Chocolate Recipes For Kids

It is necessary that parents spend time with their children. Several bonding activities can be thought of to make the experience as memorable as possible. Among others, cooking and baking are good activities to engage in because they tap on all senses of your kid especially if it involves recipes which they can enjoy afterwards. Now, who said kids don't love chocolate recipes, especially if they are chocolate-related recipes?

Chocolates, aside from the health benefits it can bring such as regulating blood pressure and cholesterol, are nothing but an delectable concoction enjoyed most especially by children. Aside from these physiological benefits, it can also do wonders in your emotional relationship and bond with your kids.

Chocolate Lollipops is a child-friendly chocolate recipe that can give your kids a happy and enjoyable learning experience with you. You will need very simple ingredients and equipment to make these adorable lollipops. The creative ideas of your kids will be needed in designing and decorating the lollipops. While preparing this, it will be nice to tell tales about chocolate to your children—where it originated, how is chocolate done, what it can do to you and other facts that can make your kids love chocolate more.

1. Blocks of semi-sweet or white chocolate
2. Butter
3. Food color for fun painting
4. Chocolate candies, crispies or sprinkles for decorations

Equipment and Materials:
1. Lollipop mold
2. Straws to be used as lollipop handles
3. Paint brushes for the food coloring
4. Ribbons to be tied in the lollipop handle
5. Cabbage where the kids can stick their lollipops

All the cooking that you need to do is melt the chocolate block and the butter in a heated pan. Once smooth and free of lumps, you may now pour the melted chocolate in the lollipop molds. It would be nice to use children-friendly mold designs such as animal faces, letters or numbers. Have your kids stick the straw at the lower part of the chocolate. Set aside and let it solidify. If already in a semi-solid state, you may ask the children to put candies, sprinkles or crispies for added design. You may put it in the refrigerator afterwards for faster solidification. For sure, those little angels will be too excited to wait for the chocolate to harden.

Once the chocolate has hardened, carefully pull each one off the molds. Now the children will have their part. Allow them to paint the chocolate lollipops with food color. Make them design the straws with ribbons. Ask them to give names to their lollipops and before they eat up all those lollipops, invite your children to wash the dishes and wipe the tables used as well. Yes, they need to take part of this process so that they see the entire process of cooking. Ask them nicely and make them see the beauty of the task. This will teach them to be responsible.

Cooking or baking chocolate-related recipes is not only fun for your kids. It is a hands-on training and exposure for them that can teach them a wide array of values while providing the most fun experience for them. It is a great bonding idea with their friends as well so next time you make another batch lollipops or other chocolate recipes such as cupcakes, muffins, chocolate drink or chocolate chip cookies, make room for more kiddies who would want to join your baking session.

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