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For decades and centuries, chocolate is still a known sweet and delicious treats or snacks in the whole world. However, it is still a doubt that surrounds chocolate myths that if it takes awesome, that must be awful for health. Well, we are not surprise to hear this but the study amazing shows that this irresistibly treat has a lot of health giving benefits, most likely if being conscious in choosing chocolate .

There are 300 known substances and compounds in chocolate. Scientific group of people and other research laboratories have a lot of studies made to prove the effects and essentials of each component. And here are the summary of the results. There is an antibacterial agent in one of the source of chocolate called cacao, this antibacterial agent fight against tooth decay. Theta Brain Waves are increase caused by the aroma of a chocolate and it results for the brain and body to relax. There is also a presence of mild mood elevator in this chocolate and we called that substance as Phenyl Ethylamine. Eating chocolate increases the level of HDL or good cholesterol since there is a presence of a substance commonly found in olive oil; the Oleic Acid. Appetite can be diminishing by taking one cup of hot chocolate before eating. Life expectancy goes beyond one year in favor to those who eat chocolate than those did not. Any form of blood clotting can be avoided by keeping the blood vessel more elastic which is maintain
ed by a substance called flavanoids. The level of antioxidants in the blood can be increases by eating chocolate. A level of Serotonin in the brain can be increased through the activity of carbohydrates in this chocolate thus promoting a sense of alertness and well being. Another interesting fact is that the dark chocolate contains less sugar and more Cacaos compare to a milk chocolate. It only concludes that a health giving benefits is more present in dark chocolates.

A Montaignac diet will allow eating of dark chocolate but the milk chocolate due to some factors mentioned. It only shows that there may be substance present on black chocolates that is absent on white or any other forms of chocolates or vice versa. Thus substances of a black chocolate are more reliable for some health conscious than that of the white chocolate.

There are doubts and worries concerning how the body will react to hundreds of compounds induced to body through eating chocolate. Here are the very latest results according to studies made all over the world. Chocolate is not a factor in causative acne. There are only small quantities of a stimulant Bromine and Caffeine in cacao and it never cause any nervous excitability. Chocolate is not addictive. There is a neutral fat called Stearic Acid that never raises LDL or bad cholesterol. Chocolate never makes us "high" unless eaten in a huge quantity of approximately 25 pounds at one sitting.

If there is a positive outlook, there must be also a negative side, and these are said to be proven. Headaches through migraine are trigger by taking chocolate. There is a high in calories, sugar, and saturated fat in milk chocolates.

And when it comes to a pet lover, it is so said that chocolate is considered harmful to animals since it has a stimulant known as Theobromine, which animals cannot digest. Baking chocolate and dark chocolates are a lot dangerous since they contain a high level of concentrations of Theobromine.

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