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Chocolate Recipes To Keep You Warm

There is nothing else that will surely perk you up on a cold and rainy day than a cup of hot and creamy chocolate drink. Thanks to the Aztecs who discovered and gave us this wonderful gift of sweet delicacies that we just love! The Aztecs, during the earlier times of chocolate history, believed that consuming large amounts of chocolate would bring one's health and power. That is why they did not only call it in "energy drink" but a very strongly defined "divine drink".

Chocolate Drink Shops Growing Like Mushrooms

And I believe this still holds true until today. No wonder hot chocolate recipes have popped up everywhere, every chocolate shop claiming to have the best chocolate drink ever! But that is highly expected since they must be chocolates experts to be putting up a chocolate shop, in the first place! Home made hot chocolates are most intriguing, though. For how do you turn a simple chocolate drink into something sumptuous, tempting and tantalizing?

Another natural chemical of chocolates that is responsible for that rushing feeling and tingly sensation of homey goodness began many years ago just like a cup of chocolate drink. They started out liquid, would you believe? Now, here are some hot chocolate drink recipes that you may want to try at home for you and your loved ones to enjoy!

However, let us clarify something first. You must know that there is a very huge difference in ordering for hot chocolate and hot cocoa in your favourite local chocolate shops. The chocolate you drink is made out of pure chocolate compound while the cocoa drink you order is prepared using cocoa powder and mixing it with water. An expert would know right away even if blindfolded which drink is served to him, by merely smelling. Indulge in these recipes below and you will surely be delighted and satisfied with the warm and fulfilling sensation these concoctions will give you!

Warming Chocolate Recipes for the Sweet-Tooth's

If you are born a sweet tooth, then you will surely adore this warm Coconut Hot Chocolate drink! Instead of putting milk on your warm chocolate drink, you can put coconut milk instead. Nothing could taste better than this. It actually tastes like chocolate daiquiri!

Chile Hot Chocolate Beverage
But if you are fonder of eating spicy food and drinking spiced-up beverages than drinking and eating sweets, well, the Chile Hot Chocolate beverage is the right warm chocolate beverage for you! Just add up a little of cayenne, about half a teaspoon, to get the kind of kick in the taste you want. Rest assured the spice will never overpower the sweet taste of the chocolate giving you that tangy and delightfully sweet flavour till the last drop!

Double Anise Hot Chocolate Drink

Or you can also try the Double Anise Hot Chocolate if you still want to keep that spicy tang on your drink! Don't get surprised though if you get too buffed up about it, everyone else who tried this warm chocolate drink got addicted and never got off the hook! The sweetness of the licorice combined with the bitter taste of star anise is actually the culprit why so many fall into the pit of addiction to this drink!

Peppermint Hot Chocolate Drink

For those who like their chocolate drink minty, get a hold of the Peppermint Hot Chocolate drink where chocolate is blended with compressed peppermint candies for the holiday seasons!

Caramel Hot Chocolate Drink

And last of all, for kids who just adore chocolate drinks, energy drinks, as they call them.

Let them try the delightfully sweet Caramel Hot Chocolate drink. This caramel hot chocolate drink is a must for everyone who wants to feel like a kid once again! Because these heart-warming chocolate drinks just taste so great, they will undoubtedly leave an sweet indelible etch on the history of chocolates!

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